Bright Minds Biosciences – Opening Better Avenues In The Field Of Neuropsychiatry

Although science and technology have progressed a lot, there is no definitive way to diagnose a brain health disorder. Psychiatrists and psychologists still depend on questionnaires, symptoms, etc., to reach a conclusion, which is not even accurate. Due to improper diagnosis, the treatment that follows causes side-effects. What if there was a way to get treated without any possible adverse reactions? That’s where Bright Minds Biosciences steps in.

With over 18 years of experience, our Chief Scientific Officers, along with a team of top-notch professionals, have created various psychedelic drug compounds.

Our biotechnology company is the only one to hold multiple patents of certain molecular designs of powerful psychedelics such as psilocybin and serotonin.

The term ‘psychedelics’ sure does ring some alarm bells!

However, the latest studies have found that psychoactive drugs aren’t naturally addictive. If they are altered for specific molecular designs, which is what Bright Minds does, they can activate certain serotonin receptors.

Learn The Importance Of Healing Serotonin System With Bright Minds Bio

Bright Minds Bio

The serotonin system in the brain consists of a family of 5-HT receptors. Most antidepressants in the form of SSRIs (selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors) cause side-effects such as addiction if consumed for a longer period.

In fact, it was found that above 40% of the patients with epilepsy had stopped responding to SSRIs due to prolonged exposure to the drug. That was again classified as another level of epilepsy, known as pharmacoresistant epilepsy.

After diving deep, the team of Bright Minds Bio was able to make a breakthrough. Our biotechnology company created a psychoactive agonist that could help fix certain genetic diseases connected to pharmacoresistant epilepsy.

Lennox-Gastaut Syndrome and Dravet Syndrome are some such genetic illnesses that can be cured by using modified versions of serotonergic drugs. And that’s what Bright Minds Biosciences was able to achieve.

Treatment To Brain Disorders Is Only A Step Away!

With many approvals in the pipeline, some of our 5-HT2Cis currently in the pre-clinical stage 2 trial. Once we get past that stage, the drug will be available to every patient who suffers from brain health problems.

Bright Minds Bio also has agonists that can improve conditions such as Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, MDD, dementia, eating disorder, and even substance abuse.

However, we are still at the trial stage. In association with the National Institute of Health, we plan to take an all-natural approach and revive the sanctity of psychedelics as more studies prove that these drugs are actually quite beneficial.

Bright Minds does not just aim at curing a mental health illness. We aim to rewire the circuits of the brain because that’s the root cause of the majority of brain health disorders and physical illnesses.

And we are proud to say that we have found the key, i.e., the serotonin system, which needs therapeutic healing and not just addictive opioids, which reduce serotonin levels in the brain. Regulation of serotonin can help improve brain health!

You can get in touch with us to get more information on our projects.

Published by Bright Minds Biosciences

Bright Minds Biosciences focuses on creating the next generation of psychedelics to treat mental health disorders. Molecules that the world has never seen and that mother nature has not thought of. The company's altering the chemical structure in order to create psychedelics drugs with minimized side effects and improved therapeutic action.

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